Our Sacred Cave of Creation

The Ti Ketau Antiwinikil is a Lenca sacred cave in eastern El Salvador in Morazán, Corinto.  It’s on the verge of collapse even thought it’s been named a national monument.  It contains petroglyphs date back to the ice age, it’s been a royal abode, a sacred creation shrine, a refuge for guerrillas and army during wars, and today is semi abandoned by the non indigenous system in charge of its administration.



Map of the Lenca world, notice the bullet holes that desecrated the art during the civil war


The lenca rulers and its lenca citizens are adamant that their cave of genesis must be preserved. This is one of the oldest human shelters dating back to 10,000 years and it’s residents witnessed the coming and going of north and south American tribes during the ice age.


The cave reminds us all of how humanity once, dislodged by climate change, worked together to survive, how their ancestral memory guides them to their homelands once it’s safe to return. We can all learn from that event. The cave reminds us all that it is possible to be human in the middle of a catastrophe. Saving the cave, we save a great living proof of human courage, love and kindness.

Please help us preserve this beautiful place, our sacred cave of creation!