Macaw’s meaning

The Guara or Macaw is the totemic bird of the entire Lenca land. That land includes the territory which today includes El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Sarapique in Costa Rica and Veraguas in Panama. The name of this land is called Managuara, which in Taulepa Lenca language means the Kingdom of the Macaw. This kingdom was built under the stewardship of a sacred Macaw. Once completed with the construction of the landscape, it placed the Manauele family as the first family of the people. This family became the rulers of the Jaguar House. Since then, the Jaguar rulers remember and honor the sacred Macaw by naming their land in her honor. The role of this tribal ruling dynasty is to be the link between the southern ancient lineages of the Condor and the Eagles in the north.The current hereditary Jaguar Chief enjoys the high esteem afforded by many Indigenous governments around the globe.